LBT Premium Molds

LBT Bullet Molds

PRICE:    2 cavity - $12    4 cavity - $175

LBT bullet designs are the most copied cast bullets in the world, because, when they are cast in molds manufactured by LBT they are the most accurate bullets available! However, copying the profile of an LBT bullet by cherrying or conventional lathe boring processes, as all other moldmakers do, does not result in molds or bullets that live up to LBT standards!

You see, the heart of all molds - the cavities, are produced at LBT with an ultra precision, custom designed, custom built, reducing tracer lathe. This one-of-a-kind machine is engineered for the single purpose of producing molds with precision that no available machinery can match. In the 23 years of its existence, no moldmaker or machine, or mold cutting method has come close to producing LBT accuracy!

Order molds now for your designed caliber and nose profile: (FN, WFN, LFN)

  • Autoloading Handguns
  • Small Auto Pistols
  • 9mm Auto Pistols
  • 10mm / 40 Caliber Auto Pistols
  • 45 Auto
  • Large Caliber Handguns



LBT Hardness Tester


LBT Hardness Tester


PRICE:   $100

Tests the hardness of lead alloy bullets and suitable ingots

          **Note: Ingots typically cool much slower than bullets causing the hardness reading to vary greatly depending on cooling time, temperature of ingot mold, etc...


  • Rugged, all steel, welded construction. Built to last a lifetime!


  • No calculating! The only available hardness tester with direct BHN readout!


  • Tests hardness ranging from 6 BHN to 40 BHN (Pure lead runs from 4 to 5 BHN, linotype – 18 to 22 BHN, and heat-treated, or hardest   lead, up to 35+ BHN)


  • Guaranteed accuracy - repeatability within 1 BHN


  • Tests in approximately 10 seconds per specimen


  • The only tester available to casters that is BOTH easy to use and accurate!


  • Comes with very detailed operating instructions, including a wealth of technical information and facts about lead hardness that you won’t find anywhere else (info critical to bullet casters who demand performance)


         **Note: Test specimen capacity is 1 inch (Shorten longer and/or pointed bullets to obtain test flat, and/or to fit tester)



Every tester is manually calibrated at the factory and should be trusted as your ‘precision hardness standard’.

When your bullets read what you know you need,

you will get performance indeed!




LBT High Performance Bullet Lubricants

All three hardness’s have the same performance characteristics, which are unequaled by any other lubricant. Due to superior control of friction, which is the cause of leading, LBT lubricants produce less pressure than any other cast bullet lubricant, accompanied by higher velocity. Rifles can be loaded to 3,000 fps without bore leading. Magnum handguns absolutely will not lead with gas checked bullets, and fdPB can be loaded to 1800 fps without leading in cool weather. At high atmospheric temperatures, which are the worst conditions for shooting lead, 1400 fps. Typically, handguns will produce 300 fps more speed than with jacketed of equal weight, if one of our LBT bullet designs is used. This in handguns only. Rifles tend to give very close to jacketed speeds with equal bullet weights and powder charges. – One of the most attractive properties of LBT lubricants which no other can offer is: If you lead your bore from a crazy load or getting the gun too hot, etc. Let it cool down or go back to a load that doesn’t lead and shoot 2 or 3 if gas checked, 5 or so if plain base, and the lead is gone. If you’re leaded up from some other lubricant, LBT with gas checked bullets will clean it out far quicker than shooting jacketed, but not with plainbase. Lead actually solders to the bore with other lubes. With LBT lubes, IF you can make it lead, it’s so loose that lead will wipe it clean!. We recommend never cleaning the bore when LBT lubes are used. Look down the bore and if there is lead, shoot it out, if not, DON’T CLEAN IT!.

Very few people who have tried our lubricants will use anything else.

LBT Blue

Our most popular lube. Flows thru most lubers at room temp without heat if the lube grooves are large. Needs some heat if grooves are small or at lower temps, especially with Lyman sizers.

LBT Blue Soft

We believe this would be our most popular lube if all our customers were to try it, mainly because it flows in almost any temperature and yet is less effected by real high heat than any of the three. Like when ammo is left on the PU dash in the blazing sun, this lube won’t migrate into the powder and kill it as most competitive lubes do. Our other two are real good compared to competitive lubes, but soft is our best, staying where it belongs when heated day after day at up to 200 deg! (Remember though, for Star sizers it’s a bit too soft.)

LBT Commercial

This is our hardest, and will require heat for application, or 100 deg F ambient temperatures. It runs nicely thru most lubers with heaters running at around 100 to 120 deg F. Commercial casters prefer it because it stays on boxed bullets best during shipping.

All lubes are available in 1X4 sticks, hollow or solid.

Price: 10 sticks $35.00 – shipping wt. 1 lb. | 30 sticks $85.00 - shiping wt. 3 lb.


Measuring Slugs

Slug info


Lap Kits & Rolling Plates

Lap Kit info


Jacketed Performance with Cast Bullets by Veral Smith (4th Edition)



This illustrated booklet is recommended reading for all bullet casters, especially beginners, but even for those with 40 years experience. It has information about cast bullets which you won’t find anywhere else, and covers every important factor about making and shooting let bullets. It explains how to do it, the scientific answer to things that can go wrong, why, and how to correct any problem. Has Veral's new formula on killing power which dispels the other theories and myths (unscientific and unprovable notions) relative to killing power, and explains what actually makes a bullet kill. You’ll know and can prove the whole book is fact, and learn that the author despises theory, on anything!

Price: $25.00 Shipping weight ½ lb.

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