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Shell Rotella...Oil Burn Rates

Heavy Weight Oil

Leaking Oil

Moisture in Engine

Synthetic Vs. Natural

Engines That Burn Oil

Shell Rotella as a recommended engine oil...Burn rates of various brands of oil compared.

Rotella has one amazing attribute that I really like and that is that it makes engines start easier in cold weather. In my tractor I used it to break in, and it would start in as cold weather as it does now with Amsoil. Rotella is also available in full synthetic, so look at the prices and if it's the same price as regular, try it. If your engine guzzles it after maybe 3,000 miles, just start adding regular Rotella, as they are compatible, and you'll gradually switch over. I'm quite sure regular Rotella will give lower oil consumption than whatever you are using now. For example, in my long quest for top lubrication I learned that Pensoil burns at double the rate of Valvoline, and Rotella burns slower than Valvoline.

Heavy weight oil for broken in engines

Like I said, Shell Rotella is at every truck stop, but almost all auto parts stores sell it. I think it has a T in the name. Rotella T. They have it in thin weights but get the heavy weights used for diesels for your well broke-in engines.

Leaking oil

Stick with Shell Rotella which isn't as expensive and the leak probably won't be as serious with it. It, along with the supplement, will hold the engines together for a long time. In fact, you may dry up the oil consumption, because regular oil evaporates, some of it real fast, which makes it 'burn' oil.

Highway driving to evaporate moisture in engine

Amsoil says that oil change interval should be 1 year or 100,000 miles, whichever comes first. Problem being, which they don't get into, is that with low mileage most people are making predominately short runs which doesn't heat the oil hot enough to dry out condensation. If one takes a 100 mile trip at highway speed every few weeks the oil will remain dry and good.

Synthetic oil vs. natural oil

Synthetic oil molecules are round balls all one size. Regular oil is chained together and breaks up quite rapidly, so the claimed viscosity is short lived. Synthetic remains constant.

Rotella best for engines that burn oil and for break-in

About the oil. If your engine is old and using (burning) some oil, don't switch to Amsoil. Use Shell Rotella. When you switch to Amsoil, even with an engine that doesn't burn oil, it will normally guzzle a quart or even 3 or 4 then dry up. On new engines, don't use Amsoil till it quits using oil. Rotella can't be beat for the break-in. And don't use Dura or SFR during break-in either. With either of those or with straight Amsoil, the engine will seem like it's going to use oil forever because there won't be enough wear to make the rings seal up.

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