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In the past, giving out technical advice and support by phone has tied up Veral's time for as much as 10 hours a day. (He's the mold maker) This created two very serious problems. He had to work 16 hours days to get any production and the phone time without wages.

To ensure that we can fill your order in the least possible time we must restrict correspondence to email and US Mail. We will answer your questions and address your issues as promptly as we can.

Please consult the instructions you received with your product first before making any support request. If you have misplaced the instructions, we have a some downloadable instructions below. At current the list is small, however we are adding to it as we have time.

To contact us by mail:
Lead Bullets Technology
78592 Hwy 2
(208) 267 3588 

*Please make checks payable to F.I.G. 

To contact us via email:

Thank you for your patronage.
                                      -- Veral 

Downloadable Instructions: (You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view these files.)

LBT Hardness Tester Instructions

LBT Push Through and Rifle Throat Slugs Instructions

Lead Bullet Technology

78592 Hwy 2
Moyie Springs, ID 83845

(208) 267 3588


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