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We have been building custom lathe bored bullet molds for over 38 years. All of the specialized equipment we use in the manufacture of our molds are built to ensure roundness within .0002 of an inch (less than 1/2 the thickness of Saran Wrap). When you order a mold from Lead Bullets Technology you can be confident that will cast bullets with the tightest tolerances possible, cut to the optimum diameter needed by your individual gun. We guarantee our 2 and 4 cavity molds will produce bullets that will make contact in your sizer while not being more than .0015 larger than specified for any caliber from 22 up to 50.

** For calibers over 50 up to 8 bore we make single cavity molds (these larger calibers have a .003 diameter guarantee - call for a price quote or to inquire about custom designs and sizes which are not listed).  This includes molds for almost any antique, experimental, or black powder guns!


Lead Bullet Technology

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