Lead Bullet Technology was started by Veral Smith in 1980 because he bought a bullet mold and the performance was abysmal, so he bought several more along with anything he thought could help, including all the information (instruction manuals, etc…) he could find — all to no avail. Being a highly experienced, precision machine rebuilder and designer for 25 years, he decided to do something about bullet inaccuracy and the lack of available information…..and thus LBT was born!

After very extensive testing, he realized there were several key factors causing the issues. Guns, especially handguns, were being built with very sloppy internal tolerances which shooters had no way of measuring or even knowing what to measure, let alone how to fix the resulting inaccuracy problems.

The main thrust of the bullet mold makers was for the bullets to drop into any gun and to be pleasing to the eye. And for the most part, these mold makers have not changed this flawed concept nor have they addressed the crucial need for bullets to drop round as possible from the mold (Sizing a bullet to make it round does not change the imbalance, it simply hides it).

To achieve his goal of improving gun accuracy, Veral Smith started making molds, measuring slugs, lead hardness testers, a lapping compound and he developed bullet lubes far superior to any on the market. Through the years, as his knowledge increased, Veral has been internationally recognized as the foremost authority on cast bullets and has written several editions of his book “Jacketed Performance with Cast Bullets”. And now, with the mold and tester production coming to a halt due to the 2022 fire, he will be re-directing his energy and unparalleled knowledge to writing a fourth and final edition!