LBT Bore Lap Kit

This highly concentrated abrasive compound was developed and manufactured by LBT specifically for lapping barrels by firing lead bullets which have been impregnated with it (a process called fire lapping). It cuts aggressively yet smoothly without causing excessive throat wear and has been field tested on thousands of barrels with reports of excellent to dramatic accuracy improvement and a reduction of bore fouling (when using either jacketed or lead bullets). It improves bores by smoothing out rough finishes and variations in twist rate while straightening the bore diameter end to end. In over 25 years of selling this product we have never had a single complaint!

Inclulded in the kit are very detailed & complete instructions & enough abrasive compound to lap anywhere from 20 to 200 guns, depending on the gun type, bore condition, and how liberally it is used. The abrasive compound doesn’t deteriorate with age. This kit & your own lead bullets are all you need, however, you should have push thru slugs as well, to monitor lapping progress (22 rimfires are the only exception – these are lapped by shooting standard velocity ammunition with the lapping compound applied. No need for push thru’s for these guns; simply shoot until accuracy stops improving). **With rifles you can expect quarter inch & smaller groups at 50 yards & handguns do almost as good, providing, of course, you are good!

Note: Our kit is intended ONLY for use with lead bullets & comes in one grit. Any lap kit with multiple grits, especially those using jacketed bullets, will shorten barrel life dramatically & does a butcher job on your gun!

Price: $20.00

LBT Lap Rolling Plates

These precision ground cold rolled plates are used to impregnate your lead bullets with LBT lapping compound to prepare them for bore lapping.

Note: Lapping instructions are included only with the LBT Bore Lap Kit, not with the plates.

Price: $10.00