Optimum bullet performance, cast or jacketed, is impossible if the gun’s guiding surfaces aren’t capable of holding and starting the bullet in perfect balance. Rough internal finishes, oversized throats and/or bores, rapid changes in twist rate, and constricted or lumpy bore diameters cause inferior accuracy and excessive fowling. These constrictions and diameter changes are almost always present where revolver barrels thread into the frame and on all guns at any point along the barrel that was machined, stamped, welded or contoured [on the exterior surface]. To this end, Veral has created two unique types of slugs for controlling the lapping process and measuring the exact diameter of your particular rifle or handgun.

(Please call to check whether the caliber you need is in stock, at this point we are already out of 9mm (35-38 caliber), 41, 44, and 30 caliber push thru’s.)

LBT Push Thru Slugs

These slugs are designed for taking precisions measurements along the full length of the boar on any type of gun thereby giving the operator a feel of the barrel’s condition and its ability to guide the bullet with precision. One pack will measure up to 3 revolvers or 4-5 rifles and, during lapping, should be sufficient for determining when you have produced a match grade barrel.


20 pack for $20.00

LBT Throat Slugs

These slugs give an exact duplication of rifle type throats from cartridge mouth to rifling origin.


2 pack for $10